Steve McCurry new video from Lit for Life in India

On his 86th trip to India Magnum photographer reveals just what intrigues him about the Indian subcontinent

You know how much we like to keep you informed about what Magnum photographer Steve McCurry is up to so you can imagine we leapt on the video below. It's from an address Steve gave in Delhi India, last week at The Hindu Lit for Life festival

His speech, called Picturing the Indian Subcontinent, was aptly named. This was Steve's 86th trip to India. At the start of the video Deli Photo Festival co founder Dinesh Khanna introduces Steve "as much as a fan as anyone else in the auditorium" and reiterates Steve's number one bit of advice to fledgling photographers -  "first leave home".

Before you watch it, this is what Steve has to say about India. "India is so culturally rich with its different religions and its contrast with so many people living in medieval conditions right alongside an ever-growing middle class that it's hard to find another country with such a rich and varied geography and culture amidst so much chaos and confusion. Obviously a photographer's delight." 

It's around an hour long (perfect lunchtime viewing if you're chained to your desk today). There are a few technical problems at the start of Steve's speech but it starts getting really good around 20 minutes in. That said, you shouldn't miss Dinesh Khanna's excellent introduction which really does encapsulate Steve's work. 

After you've watched it you may care to browse our extensive online Steve McCurry content, take a look at his great books in the store  and then take a look at Steve's site


Steve McCurry at Lit for Life 2013