Alex Atala on Saturday Morning Kitchen

Harry Potter star upstaged by Alex Atala's ants

"Are you open to dangerous dishes?" D.O.M chef asks BBC guests as he produces 'special Amazonian ingredient'

D.O.M. chef and author of Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients Alex Atala, surprised Saturday Morning Kitchen guests chef Tom Kerridge and Warwick Davis from Life’s Too Short, Star Wars and Harry Potter by producing a "special ingredient from the Amazon" for them to eat. 

“May I ask you something? Are you open to dangerous dishes?" Alex asked the guests before remarking "I’ve brought something from the Amazon which is really, really good but very challenging as well.” On producing a small container and telling his guests what was in it Davis replied: “What I’m hoping it’s some some sort of language translation problem. Before asking: “How did you get through customs with these?”


Warwick Davis and Tom Kerridge get to grips with Alex's ants
Warwick Davis and Tom Kerridge get to grips with Alex's ants

They were, as anyone who knows a little about Alex and some of his more newswrothy ingredients, Ants. Kerridge and Davis then tasted the special ingredient with the Hand and Flowers chef getting the taste description just so, comparing it to lemongrass. 

Davis however, seemed less than taken by the dish joking, “How do you get away with this? You’ve got one of the top restaurants in the world but you’re cooking ants? If I did that I’d be shut down"

Depending where you are in the world you can watch the show here: Then try your hand at Alex’s other Saturday Morning Kitchen dish Toasted black Rice with green vegetables and brazil nuts, by heading over to Saturday Morning Kitchen’s recipe site. If you like that check out our new book with Alex, D.O.M. Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients in the store. If you'd like one of the limited edition signed copies that Alex made for us last Friday (with some great artwork by him) click here. But hurry, they won't last long.