René Redzepi and Alex Atala on the cover of Time

David Chang joins 'the dudes of food' on the cover of the influential news weekly

Alex Atala of D.O.M. René Redzepi of Noma and David Chang of Momofuku beam out from the cover of next week's Time Magazine.

In an article entitled The Gods of Food: Meet the People Who Influence What (and How) You Eat" the trio are picked out as influencers on the food we eat. Cook It Raw creative director Andrea Petrini and Albert Adrià are also both featured inside the mag. (The cover shot you see above is for all territories bar the US). 

Atala, Redzepi and Chang are referred to as "The Dudes of Food," in an article which also investigates their work with the MAD Symposium. They are described as "close buds, despite the vast distances that separate their restaurants."

Readers will remember that each chef has been on the all important Time top 100 list with Alex appearing last year with an homage penned by René. You can read more about Alex's book D.O.M. here, more about René's new book A Work In Progress here and see picture galleries from DOM here and A Work In Progress here. Or just head into the store and buy the books from the people who made them.