Andy Warhol, Marilyn

Hotel gives guests the chance to 'win a Warhol'

An Australian hotel group has teamed up with an infamous forger for an unusual competition

Possibly mindful of the trend for corporate companies to buy up and exhibit art in order to enhance their brands (and the increasing incidences of that art going missing as a result, a boutique hotel chain in Australia has come up with a novel way to help safeguard its prized asset (and possibly get some publicity into the bargain). 

Guests staying at the Art Series Hotel Group in Australia will be asked to pick the 'real' Andy Warhol print from a displayed collection of 10 - nine fakes and one real one. The winner of the competition will be the person who not only correctly identifies the original, but who also gives the most interesting reason for their choice.

The fakes have been created by Tony Tetro, one of the world’s most infamous forgers. Tetro has forged works by the likes of Rembrandt, Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dalí and Norman Rockwell.  His work was uncovered in 1988 when the Japanese silk screen and laser artist Hiro Yamagata found a forgery of his own work for sale in a Beverly Hills gallery.

Will Deague, CEO of the Art Series Hotel Group, told Phaidon, “Art forgery is a serious issue facing the international art industry. At Art Series, we aim to not only make art more accessible for our guests but also help provide an education on art. This process would not be complete without highlighting the prevalence of this fraudulent behaviour.”

“In running Which Warhol,” he adds, “we’re looking to profile this serious issue and stimulate discussion and debate around the production of replica art. What does it mean for the industry, how can you pick a fake from a real, what value do we actually place on art?”

Which Warhol runs between May 15th and August 3rd at The Cullen, The Blackman and The Olsen Art Series Hotels. For more information visit the website