Plum sorbet

A recipe from Recipes from an Italian Summer
Plum sorbet
Plum sorbet

Preparation: 45 mins (including freezing)

Serves: 4 people


400g (14oz) purple plums, halved and stoned

grated zest of 1 orange

250g (9oz) (1¼ cups) caster (superfine) sugar

½ cinnamon stick

1 egg white


Chop the plums, put them into a large bowl and add the grated orange zest and 2 tablespoons of the sugar. Leave to stand for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, pour 250ml (8fl oz) water into a medium pan, add the remaining sugar and the cinnamon and bring to the boil, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Boil, without stirring, for a further 5 minutes, then remove the cinnamon stick and leave the syrup to cool.

Transfer the plums to a food processor or blender, add the cooled syrup and egg white and process to a purée. Pour the mixture into an ice-cream machine and freeze for 20 minutes or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pour into a shallow freezerproof container and place in the freezer.

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