Fresh lasagne sheets

A recipe from The Silver Spoon

Preparation: 40 minutes, plus 15 minutes resting

Cooking: 5 minutes

Serves: 6 people

Makes: about 12 lasagne sheets


300g (11oz) (2¾ cups) plain (all-purpose) flour, plus extra for dusting

3 eggs

1 tablespoon olive oil



Sift the flour into a mound on a work surface and make a well in the centre. Break the eggs into the well and add a pinch of salt.

Knead for about 10 minutes, adding a little flour if it is too soft or a little water if it is too firm.

Shape into a ball, cover with a clean tea towel and leave to rest for 15 minutes.

Roll out into a fairly thick sheet on a lightly floured surface, then cut into 10 × 20cm (4 × 8inch) rectangles.

Cook, a few at a time, in plenty of salted boiling water to which the oil has been added, until al dente, then remove and spread out to dry on clean tea towels.