The Tripp Trapp chair from our new book Chair: 500 Designs That Matter

Why the Tripp Trapp chair matters

A desirable designer item and sturdy launch pad for the new royal baby to flick peas at his grandmother from

The occasion of the latest royal birth cannot be allowed to pass without us having the chance to wave a hand (holding an appropriate Phaidon book, of course) in the air in celebration.

So, if the new royal baby boy requires somewhere to perch before he's big enough for a throne, let us point him, or his parents at least, in the direction of our wonderful new book Chair: 500 Designs That Matter. One of the many desirable items in it presents itself quite clearly.

The Tripp Trapp grew out of designer Peter Opsvik’s desire to give children a place at the table – quite literally. Opsvik observed his son’s eagerness to be an involved member at family dinners; at two years old, Tor had outgrown his high chair, yet could not safely sit in an adult-sized chair. In response, Opsvik designed Tripp Trapp, an adjustable high chair that can accompany a child from infancy all the way through to adulthood, its seat and footrest easily modified in both height and depth.

Chair: 500 Designs That Matter
Chair: 500 Designs That Matter

Tripp Trapp’s sturdy structure guarantees that a child can climb into the chair safely, while the timeless nature of its beechwood frame has ensured its continued popularity over the years. Over 10 million Tripp Trapps have been sold since the chair was first introduced in 1972.

Check out the Tripp Trapp and 499 other chairs of various hues and guises, fit for royals and commoners alike in our brilliantly readable book Chair: 500 Designs That Matter.