Chef André Chiang

Can you guess what André Chiang's favourite juice is just by watching this GQ magazine video?

André Chiang trained in Europe before making his name in East Asia, and much of his brilliance lies in the way he manages to combine the world’s culinary techniques. Nowhere is this more apparent than in his Jus des Idées or Juice of Ideas, his flavoursome, lightly fermented drinks, which André serves to balance out a dish’s flavour profile.

These drinks can include anything form chrysanthemum to liquorice, and are usually left to stand a week or two, to let the drinks’ microbiology do its work. They draw on the fermented tea traditions of the east, but also fruit juice, wine and beer cultures of Europe.

So, what do they taste like? Well, in this brief video, shot for French GQ, Andre offers a brief guide, by way of facial expression. Watch the video below to decide whether you fancy making his mal, corn and vanilla concoction, or a glass of pine needle, charcoal and apple. 


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