Grace Coddington's Vogue Festival illustration. From left: Juergen Teller, Grace, Kim Kardashian, Lucinda Chambers

Have you seen Grace Coddington's drawings of Kim Kardashian and Juergen Teller?

Grace Coddington is in London this weekend for the Vogue Festival, a two-day series of events organized by the fashion magazine. Londoners can hear the brilliant creative director discuss her life and work with her friend and former assistant, British Vogue fashion director Lucinda Chambers, at The Royal Geographical Society from 10-11am on 21st May.

While we naturally think Grace is the main draw, she, in typically self-deprecating style describes herself as “warming up for Juergen Teller, who will be warming up for Kim Kardashian.”


Grace signing copies at the Phaidon offices, New York
Grace signing copies at the Phaidon offices, New York

To accompany an Instagram post, Grace has even drawn her fellow festival Interviewees. Kim looks great, as does Lucinda, though we must admit to being particularly taken by the drawing of Juergen in his signature running shorts.

Find out more about the Vogue Festival here, and for more on Grace’s life and work order a copy of Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue here.