Ben Kadow gets rid of his Christmas tree. Image via Supreme's Instagram

How Supreme (and other Phaidon friends) ditch their Xmas trees

The holidays might be over but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun unloading that browning conifer

Twelfth Night has come and gone, and so we all should have got rid of our Christmas trees by now. Yet how do you shift these cumbersome things quickly and efficiently?

Via skateboard turns out to be a bad idea, even if you’re as skilled as Stu Kirst and Ben Kadow, the two skaters featured in this video, which Supreme shared recently.

Getting it down a flight of steps is one thing; getting it through subway turnstiles is quite another matter.




Perhaps Aaron Bertelsen has a better idea. The vegetable gardener and cook at the acclaimed English country house, Great Dixter, and author of The Great Dixter Cookbook and Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots, posted this image of three trees piled up beside a fire place at Great Dixter, a few days ago. “The Christmas tree is almost ready to be used as fire starters,” he wrote. “The holidays are over.”


Aaron Bertelsen's photograph of unwanted Christmas trees at Great Dixter
Aaron Bertelsen's photograph of unwanted Christmas trees at Great Dixter

Though perhaps the easiest way to get rid of your tree is to start with a deconstructed one in the first place. New York Snarkitecture practice posted this image of theirs with the caption: ‘trimming season’. It’s certainly another case of less very much being more.


Snarkitecture's Christmas tree
Snarkitecture's Christmas tree

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