Kim Colin of Industrial Facility

Who is Kim Colin giving her book to this Christmas?

The Industrial Facility designer tells us her highs and lows of 2018 and who’ll be getting a great gift

Every creative person has sometimes come across the feeling that there's no reward for looking beyond their office cubicle. For industrial designers in particular, “the horizon of design activity is enclosed by the micro-markets defined by experts in other office suites," as Peter Kapos puts it in our new Industrial Facility book.

Kim Colin’s work, by contrast is all about creating useful, durable objects, which slip perfectly into today’s world. Alongside her partner Sam Hecht, Kim oversees Industrial Facility, the London-based design practice that’s made countless beautifully conceived products for Emeco, Herman Miller, Muji and others.

You can see many of them in the pages of Kim and Sam’s 2018 book, also called Industrial Facility, and you can read on, to find out how distant parts of the world – rather than time spent in front of a screen – has inspired her this year, while direct, supportive interactions with others has led her to give her book to a few special people this Christmas.

What inspired you most this year? A trip to Japan that included Teshima and Naoshima Islands.

What annoyed you most? How much time I spent on a screen of any sort.   

What was your personal highlight? Discovering remarkable landscape in New Zealand, with walks in and around Rotorua. 

What can we expect from you in 2019? New articulations about how we live with things and each other.

Who will you give your Phaidon book to for Xmas? Former teachers, in all subjects, who were instrumental in giving us the confidence to speak our minds through our work.


Industrial Facility
Industrial Facility

To see some of that inspired work order a copy of Industrial Facility here.