The installation of Claes Oldenburg’s ‘Paint Torch’ outside the Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts in Philadelphia

Pop artist returns to Philly

Claes Oldenburg's latest public sculpture

Pop artist Claes Oldenburg has not lost the sense of fun that has made his huge public sculptures of everyday objects a hit since the 1970s.

His latest creation Paint Torch was commisioned by the Pennsylvania Academy of Arts in Philadelphia and references both the painting that takes place in the academy and the importance of the state during the American Revolution - the bristles of the brush will be illuminated so that they appear to burn like a flaming torch.

The 82 year old Swedish sculptor watched as the 50 ft tall giant paintbrush was erected just four blocks away from his first ever piece of public sculpture, the 45 ft high Clothes Pin, created for Philadelphia in 1976.

For more images of the installation follow the link to the New York Times blog Artsbeat.