One of Ten Fold's beach huts. Image courtesy of

Who wants a pop-up, mobile beach house?

A British firm has developed a mobile, self-assembling holiday home, which pops up in around 10 minutes

A holiday home can be a wonderful thing to own, yet it does have its drawbacks. The buildings tend to stay in the same place all year around, which means you visit the same spot, vacation after vacation.

Fortunately, British firm Ten Fold has developed a work-around. This Oxfordshire-based engineering company has created a series of versatile, self-deploying, mobile buildings, which can be unloaded from a truck, and clunked into place in around 10 minutes.


mobile house2


The walls, floor and roof all unfold on levers from a central steel chassis; the structures are designed to last as long as a traditional building; and, crucially Ten Fold confirm that its buildings ‘will NOT squash you’.

The company has yet to publish a comprehensive price guide to its portfolio, which include emergency medical facilities, a high-tech tree house and a modular hotel, as well as simpler buildings. However, other reports suggest costs might be in the region of £100,000 or $129,000. That’s high for a beach hut, but entirely reasonable, for a fully mobile dream holiday home, no?


Ten Fold 1


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