Darroch and Michael Putnam

The Putnams show us how to make a perfectly pigmented wedding bouquet

Michael and Darroch Putnam discuss color in wedding florals in their latest Instagram video

Darroch and Michael Putnam have been the go-to floral designers for elite wedding planners for quite some time. The couple are the founders of Putnam & Putnam, America’s leading floral design company, and authors of Flower Color Guide (the ultimate, color-by-color flower reference guide) and Flower Color Theory (the only guide that uses color theory as inspiration for flower arrangements.)

In the past they’ve supplied wedding flowers for such high profile clients as Gwyneth Paltrow, and as they turn their attention towards a forthcoming wedding season that promises to be a little more freer and flowery than the preceding one, they’re keen to share their floral insights with a wider community.

In a new video, posted on Instagram, the couple run through a few tips for getting the petals perfect for that big day. “When we sit down for our kickoff meeting with a client, the first thing we discuss is color,” they explain.  “From the table linens to the flower girl’s bouquet, color is queen when it comes to planning a wedding.”

The video (which is an edited version of a longer tutorial available on their own Putnam Flower Channel), runs through color choices, arrangement styles, and dextrous techniques to employ, when trying to hold all those unruly stems together.  “Mikey loves to do this ninja death grip,” jokes Darroch, as his partner brings a bouquet together in his hands.

The men reference their new publication in this video too. “We shot 200 images in all different color palettes, colorways, a lot of different shapes, using gestures,” says Darroch.

“We really tried to make this book diverse,” Michael concurs. “The main focus of it is color, but we did want to mix it up."


Signed copies of Flower Color Theory are available in our store
Signed copies of Flower Color Theory are available in our store

To watch the video go here; meanwhile, to see all those images, and get a good view into how the Putnams will be making bouquets this wedding season, order a copy of Flower Color Theory here, and Flower Color Guide here.


Flower Color Guide
Flower Color Guide