Cayan Tower, SOM, 2013, Dubai Marina, Dubai. Photo by Tim Griffith

Don't miss this if you're visiting Dubai!

Heading to the Emirates? Make sure you take a look at this 21st century wonder, courtesy of Destination Architecture

From Haussmann’s Parisian boulevards to New York’s Art Deco skyscrapers, we all know where to go to see great, old-world architecture. Yet where are the 21st century spots? All within the pages of Destination Architecture - that's where.

Unlike conventional travel guides to well-known architectural sites - such as the Parthenon or Angkor Wat - Destination Architecture focuses instead on 1000 very cool and contemporary buildings and structures around the world, from Aarhus to Zurich.

Dubai, the business and tourism hub on the Persian Gulf is certainly the place to go to see striking new architectural wonders, such as Cayan Tower, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s towering twisted block.


Destination Architecture
Destination Architecture

“Each of this skyscraper’s 75 floor plates is rotated slightly from the one below,” explains Destination Architectur. This results in a 90-degree twist from bottom to top which helps combat wind load and solar gain. "But the benefit for the observer is the way it captures and reflects sunlight at different times of day, adding tremendous aesthetic appeal,” says the book.

Check back soon for another wonder from the world of contemporary architecture. And if you like what you see, order a copy of Destination Architecture here.