Arches Boulogne, 2016. From Destination Architecture

Don't miss this if you're visiting Paris!

Forget about the Eiffel Tower - Destination Architecture suggests this 2016 reworking of the classical arch

A brief warning for any would-be souvenir hunters: you won’t find many of Destination Architecture’s buildings reproduced as miniature snow globes or porcelain figurines in gift shops around the world.

Unlike conventional  travel guides to well-known architectural sites - such as the Coliseum or the Great Wall of China - Destination Architecture focuses instead on 1000 very cool and contemporary buildings and structures around the world, from Aarhus to Zurich.

With highly detailed images and pithy bursts of text on every building, it’s a great companion publication for archilovers to take, wherever you're going in the world.

Take for example, this elegant tower block in the Boulonge-Billancourt suburb of western Paris, created by the French practice Antonini Darmon in 2016, which marries classical motifs to thoroughly modern sensibilities.


Destination Architecture
Destination Architecture

“Formerly a Renault factory site, this six-storey residential building is part of a new urban precinct with a central shared garden,” explains Destination Architecture. “Reinterpreting the factory buildings, its white concrete facades repeat the classical language of arches, which extend around the outer perimeter of the irregular polygon.”

Check back soon for another wonder from the world of contemporary architecture. And if you like what you see, order a copy of Destination Architecture here.