Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots: Planting Advice & Recipes from Great DixterAaron Bertelsen

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Expert planting advice for growing fruit and vegetables in pots from the acclaimed English garden - with 50 delicious recipes

Beautifully illustrated, Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots provides clear, practical information on growing fruit and vegetables in containers, whether that be a window box or a terracotta pot on a balcony. Aaron Bertelsen of the acclaimed English garden at Great Dixter will guide you through what to grow, which pots to use, give personal tips on varieties to choose, and advice on cultivation and care. Featuring more than 50 delicious recipes, Bertelsen shows that lack of space is no barrier to growing what you want to eat, and proves that harvesting and cooking food you have grown yourself is a total pleasure, with dishes that showcase a few perfectly chosen - and personally grown - ingredients.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 270 × 205 mm (10 5/8 × 8 1/8 in)
  • Pages: 240 pp
  • Illustrations: 150 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714878614

Originally from New Zealand and trained at Kew Gardens in London, Aaron Bertelsen joined Great Dixter in 1996 as a student and has worked there as the vegetable gardener and cook ever since.

'Wow!... The text is entertaining and informative, the images are good enough to eat and the practical advice is sound, as it's based on experience.' – Matthew Biggs, gardener, writer and broadcaster

'Super-fresh seasonal dishes from Aaron Bertelsen, the kitchen-friendly gardener at one of Britain's greatest country houses, will take you from plot to plate in minutes... and the good news is you don't even need a garden.' – Mail on Sunday YOU magazine

'Great Dixter gardener cook, Aaron Bertelsen, shares his knowledge of growing edibles in pots.' – Gardens Illustrated

'Following his bestselling debut, The Great Dixter Cookbook, Aaron Bertelsen has turned to containers. In Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots he has created a beautiful, practical guide including over 50 delicious recipes as further incentive.' – ELLE Decoration

'Super-fresh seasonal dishes from Aaron Bertelsen, the kitchen-friendly gardener at one of Britain's greatest country houses, will take you from plot to plate in minutes... and the good news is you don't even need a garden... There's nothing more satisfying than cooking with homegrown fruit and veg. Aaron Bertelsen, head gardener at Great Dixter House, reveals just how simple - and super-tasty - this can be.' – YOU magazine, The Mail on Sunday

'Over 25 vegetables, fruit and herbs that can easily be grown and cropped in containers.' – Garden News

'Expert practice advice... Beautifully photographed.' – This England

'Just the opening spreads of images of leafy gardens and stacks of terracotta planters in a romantically lit potting shed are worth pausing over on a cold winter morning. The follow-up to the English countryside-based gardener Aaron Bertelsen's bestselling The Great Dixter Cookbook, this lovely tome shares container gardening tips that are as practical in Birmingham, England, as in Birmingham, Alabama...' – Garden & Gun Online

'Practical gardening tips for even the smallest of spaces... This really is the perfect book for learning the joys of growing and cooking your own produce.' – Country Homes & Interiors

'Aaron Bertelsen's ultimate guide to getting back in touch with nature if your outdoor space is limited to a minuscule balcony or yard.' – Stylist

'A gourmet gift to green-fingered gastronomes.' – Town & Country magazine

'Beautifully illustrated... Including easy-to-make preserves and pickles.' – Women's Weekly magazine

'A real treat.' – The English Garden

'Recipes for breakfast muffins with home-grown figs or tempura baby courgettes will encourage me to get my compost and trowel out.' – Blanche Vaughan, House & Garden Food Editor

'A beautiful guide to container gardening with advice that's relevant to gardeners all over.' – Garden & Gun Online

'...Fascinating reading. Gardeners who are just getting started with containers can find valuable advice.' – Christian Science Monitor

'Bertelsen offers useful information on how to grow everything from root vegetables to herbs including the kind of pots to use... Beautifully photographed.' – 360 West Magazine

'A lavishly illustrated guide.' – Dales Life