The Great Dixter Cookbook: Recipes from an English GardenAaron Bertelsen

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Seasonal recipes and expert planting guides from Great Dixter, Christopher Lloyd's quintessential English country garden

The Great Dixter Cookbook features seventy simple and delicious seasonal recipes from the kitchen garden at Great Dixter, the historic house and garden located on the borders of Kent and Sussex. Dishes included range from English classics such as chicken and leek pie, apple crumble, and beetroot chutney, to contemporary recipes like crispy kale with sea salt and shakshuka. Dixter was home to the revered and highly influential gardener and writer, Christopher Lloyd, and a number of this book's recipes have been taken from the Lloyd family's personal kitchen notebooks. With growing guides to more than twenty varieties of vegetables and fruit to accompany the recipes, this practical, accessible book enriches the kitchens and lives of home cooks and gardeners worldwide.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 270 × 205 mm (10 5/8 × 8 1/8 in)
  • Pages: 240 pp
  • Illustrations: 150 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714874005

Originally from New Zealand and trained at Kew Gardens, Aaron Bertelsen joined Great Dixter in 2005 as a student and he has worked there as the vegetable gardener and cook since 2007.

All royalties from the book will be donated by the author to the Great Dixter Charitable Trust.

"Packed with planting tips and produce-forward recipes [The Great Dixter Cookbook] is the perfect guide for amateur gardeners, farmers market regulars or anyone who wants to explore seasonality in their cooking." —Food & Wine

"Gives us an insider look into the famed vegetable garden." —Tory Burch Daily

"beyond the ornamental garden and into the kitchen" —TownAndCountrymag

"Taking us beyond the ornamental garden and into the kitchen."—Town & Country

"A brilliant resource for keen gardeners..."—Grow Your Own

"Aaron Bertelsen, vegetable gardener at Great Dixter in Sussex, shares some of the recipes from his new book inspired by the crop he grows. They are delicious looking, wholesome and not too tricky as he's a home cook, not a trained chef. I have a mental block about baking - I can't remember when I last baked a cake. But he's inspired me to give beetroot and chocolate cake a go."—Hatta Byng, Editor, House &Garden

"Finally, here's the one we're waiting for... A chance to visit in print Christopher Lloyd's legendary kitchen garden that surrounds the historic house and garden located on the borders of Kent and Sussex. But more even than that, along with the seventy seasonal recipes, this book is a valuable growing guide for more than twenty varieties of fruit and vegetables."—

"The intrinsic link between garden and kitchen at Great Dixter is evident in this new volume, which is a both a cookbook and a growing manual. It is hard to say which part of this book is most useful, the growing advice [...] or the recipes, for both are laced with advice that is easy to put into practice."—English Garden

"A brilliant resource for keen gardeners..."—Grow Your Own

"Great Dixter is so suffused with good food and so devoid of pretension that I don't want to leave: I long to roll up my sleeves and cook."—Daily Telegraph, Saturday Magazine, Diana Henry

"User-friendly... Old-style cookbooks, with an emphasis on enormous quantities of written information, are not easy to navigate. The Great Dixter Cookbook has the advantage of clarity; I may have many recipes for fruit fool but have never looked at them properly. Apparently, it is just a matter of simmering fruit and whisking cream... The sober photography of Andrew Montgomery suits the interiors of the medieval house, and no doubt would have met the approval of Christopher Lloyd."—

"A celebration of robust and seasonal ingredients... Plenty of hearty, soulful recipes... Such a useful book for growers too with lots of recommendations on which varieties to grow and how to get the best crops. All of which is lavishly illustrated with Andrew Montgomery's beautiful images. This is already one of our kitchen shelf favourites - and, we suspect, will be referred to often." —

"Shares the great joys of growing your own fruit and veg with seventy delicious and seasonal recipes from the kitchen garden at Great Dixter..."—

"Embrace the satisfaction found in growing and cooking your own produce with this new release... Delicious yet simple recipes [...] celebrate seasonal ingredients."—Homes & Gardens

"Full of enticing photos and refreshingly down-to-earth recipes that celebrate the best of simple British cooking."—Toronto Star

"Great Dixter [...] has always been better known for its lush planting that its produce - but that's changed with the publication of the estate's first cookbook... Tips on cultivating everything from damsons to Swiss chard sit alongside seasonal recipes for classics such as pies, crumbles and chutneys." —Vogue

"The Great Dixter Cookbook brings the Dixter tradition of flavourful food to the fore once again."—Gardens Illustrated

"A comprehensive, delicious selection of some seventy recipes regularly cooked up in the kitchen in Great Dixter House... Supported by the most evocative photographs... I have found the recipes I have cooked easy to follow, and on canvassing my friends - beetroot and chocolate cake, tarragon chicken, baked cheesecake - they agree, so over to all of you!"—

"The design, the personal writing, the pictures - everything about this book brings on a frisson of pleasure."—Globe & Mail

"There are recipes for various smoothies to Baeckoeffe, an Alsatian casserole my grandmother made, to mashed potatoes and kale cakes to a garden for each of the four seasons... Gardener checklists and growing guides and wonderful photographs."—The American

"Captivating."—Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Anyone who loves cooking from a classic garden will enjoy this beautiful work."—Garden & Gun Online

"It's a recipe book. It's a gardening book. It's a look into the history of the family home of the celebrated British gardener and writer Christopher Lloyd... Delightful to read and look through, this is a teaching cookbook."—Greenville News

"We all know we should breakfast like a king (or queen) and these delicious recipes, from the newly released The Great Dixter Cookbook, are fit for royalty."—

"[Aaron Bertelsen's] recipes are simple and make the best of ultra-fresh produce."—Country Life

"Aaron Bertelsen has been at the famous Great Dixter garden for 10 years and, usefully, he lists varieties and problems... His recipes are simple and male the best of ultra-fresh produce."—

"Beautifully photographed... Full of simple, achievable recipes... And anyone who's visited the beautiful stately home and admired its gardens [...] will find its pages as inspiring as a walk around the grounds themselves."—

"Packed with useful growing advice." —Waitrose Weekend

"Sumptuous... The book and recipes celebrate the seaons and are mix of traditional and modern flavours... Tuck in to a book that will become a classic."—My Weekly

"Classic English recipes from an iconic garden."—BBC Gardener's World