Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. Photograph by John Madere

A few more reasons to buy Beauty by Sagmeister & Walsh

Watch these videos and find out about the great arguments and imagery you'll find in their cool new book

Could a building’s beauty or ugliness affect your morning trip to work? The world-famous designer, lecturer and author Stefan Sagmeister certainly thinks so. In his book Beauty, co-authored with business partner Jessica Walsh, he explores the essence of beauty and the transformative power of beautiful design.





Want to know more? Watch these short videos. In the first one Stefan argues that New York’s beautiful, 19th century Grand Central Station is more likely to make its travellers happy, when compared with the less aesthetically pleasing Penn Station, which dates from the 1970s. 




In the second clip, Stefan laments the way the modernist International style of architecture has levelled out local, vernacular building techniques that once distinguished and humanised much of the world's villages, towns and cities. The planet has become a worse place, “a more dehumanised place,” he argues.


Beauty by Sagmeister & Walsh
Beauty by Sagmeister & Walsh

Yet it isn’t all doom and ugly gloom. Beauty by Sagmeister & Walsh also offers some real world fixes to our current dereliction of beauty. Buy a copy of this brilliant new book and brush up on the beautiful things in life.