Annie Leibovitz At WorkAnnie Leibovitz

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Annie Leibovitz, our most celebrated living photographer, explains how her pictures are made

Leibovitz addresses young photographers and readers interested in what photographers do, but any reader interested in contemporary history will be fascinated by her account of one of the richest bodies of work in the photographic canon. The subjects include photojournalism, studio work, photographing dancers and athletes, working with writers, and making the transition from shooting with film to working with digital cameras. Originally published in 2008, this revised and updated edition brings Leibovitz's bestselling book back into print.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 240 × 183 mm (9 1/2 × 7 1/4 in)
  • Pages: 260 pp
  • Illustrations: 120 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714878294

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most influential photographers of our time. For nearly five decades, her distinctive portraits have appeared on the covers of Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and Vogue. She is a Commandeur in the French government's Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and has been designated a Living Legend by the Library of Congress. Her work is exhibited in museums all over the world.

"Leibovitz is not simply among our foremost image-makers. She has essentially created a new form of portraiture for our time."—Sherri Geldin, director of the Wexner Center for the Arts

"Whether she's photographing the famous and powerful - or simply the woman next door - Annie always captures something unexpected and deeply personal."—Oprah Winfrey

"Getting your photograph taken by Annie is one of the great totems of success in America."—Graydon Carter, former editor-in-chief, Vanity Fair

"Annie Leibovitz is one of the most aesthetically gifted photographers alive."—Guardian

"Engaging, informative, intimate and beautiful, this revised and updated edition of the original, published in 2008, not only reveals the photographer, her work and her practice, it also reveals her as a person. Endlessly fascinating, the book is dense with information and lush with pictures, the quality of which is unmatched. We learn about her technique and approach, her reflections and advice, given with warmth and engagement."—Black + White Photography

"In her own words, Annie Leibovitz provides a glimpse behind the scenes of some of her most famous photographs, from early snaps for Rolling Stone to portraits of Her Majesty The Queen, a naked and pregnant Demi Moore to the last ever photograph taken of John Lennon, nude and curled around Yoko Ono. This updated version of the 2008 original features a new chapter on Leibovitz's most recent work."—

"We're all familiar with photographer Annie Leibovitz's most iconic images... But while her pictures are mostly synonymous with the A-list, Annie Leibovitz At Work delves into a portfolio that unites technical brilliance with unerring hard work and perseverance... These photos provide the backstory to what makes Leibovitz tick, whilst exploring her refusal to be pigeon-holed as yet another celebrity snapper. It's a valuable lesson in how to turn something you love into something that'll feed your soul – and your work ethic."—Emerald Street

"A lavish collection of works from the one-and-only Annie Leibovitz... A real insight into the mind blowing processes of a photography phenomenon."—The Essential Journal

"Annie Leibovitz's photographs are so indelible, they have become a part of our collective consciousness."—Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Offers a window into how and why she does what she does, delving into the stories and processes behind some of her best-known images."—The Tennessean

"A fresh behind-the-scenes look."—RPS (Royal Photographic Society)

"One of the greats of our time... An immensely easy read, a real insight into the life of Leibovitz, which is fascinating to both those that love a camera and those that love a picture. And then there's the pictures – intriguing, mesmerising studies, her infamous celebrity portraits – possibly the best photo you will see of the Queen."—Galleries

"Ever wondered what the most celebrated photographer of her time is really like in front of, as well as behind the camera? This book gives you an insight into the artist herself, including personal notes as well as great chapters on her work photographing the famous and powerful... Originally published in 2008, this updated edition brings Leibovitz's bestselling book back into print."—Luxury Plus

"The celebrated photographer furnishes the stories of how some of her most famous images came to be in this revised and updated edition of the original bestselling book. For lovers of contemporary history and brilliant photography."—East Bay Express

"The celebrated photographer furnishes the stories of how some of her most famous images came to be."—San Francisco Chronicle Online