How to eat Pizza like a Neapolitan

On Pizza Day let our author Daniel Young tempt you with a Naples soft crust

Pizza Day (9 February) is more likely to be seen as an excuse to indulge in the familiar, rather than try out newer gastronomic delights. Yet, even the most seasoned of pizza lovers may not have tasted it all. Daniel Young, author of the authoritative Where to Eat Pizza, is especially keen to stress the world of difference between the kind of pizza pies made and eaten in Italy, and those consumed in the rest of the world.

“Naples shared its love of pizza with the world many years ago but something got lost in translation,” says Young. “Only recently have hardcore devotees in the pizza diaspora acquired a soft spot for pizza with a light, pliable crust.”


Daniel Young, Naples

As Daniel shows in this accompanying video, shot at Pizzaria La Notizia, with the legendary pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia, Neapolitan pizza should be pliable and soft, allowing the eater to fold it up "like a wallet". Want more great pizza advice? Then order a copy of Where to Eat Pizza here.