The Rollercoaster - Parisians Peripheriques Architectes

The housing complex inspired by a roller coaster

Parisians Peripheriques Architectes take inspiration from the fun fair


The building above comes courtesy of Parisians Peripheriques Architectes, and cleverly exploits natural sunlight. The light gets into the central garden as the block is an angular u-shape. The design and orientation also mean that the flats – some of which have wooden slatted balconies - also benefit from as much daylight as possible. Called the Roller Coaster, the 72-apartment block sits on a 6,200sq-m site. The name comes from the diagonal roof design, so while some parts of the horse-shoe are just three storeys high, others are nine storeys.

The architects have also played with the light on the façade. Peripheriques have deployed scale-like tiles of lacquered steel, which seem to change colour depending on the angle of sunlight and the time of day. It’s a far cry from the low-rise terraces it rubs shoulders with. If you want to get a better idea of how the movements in architecture came about take a look at Understanding Architecture and The Future of Architecture since 1889