Dash and Zombie cereals. Image courtesy of Off Limits

The author of Breakfast: The Cookbook creates the first female cereal mascots

Could Dash and Zombie, a couple of very different cereal-box characters, change the way you start your day?

Looking for a new way to begin your day? Maybe you should check in with Emily Elyse Miller. This young culinary specialist hosts breakfast walking tours in cities around the world, and is the author of Breakfast: The Cookbook. Now she’s launched her own line of breakfast cereals, each offering a very different take on the most important meal of the day. 

Those who really need to get going after the first meal of the day should opt for Dash, a kick-start in a bowl, made from organic rice, oat and coconut flour as well as cocoa and coffee supplied by the great roasting company, Intelligentsia Coffee. 

Meanwhile, those of us after a more leisurely morning routine should opt for Zombie, a breakfast cereal flavoured with vanilla and pandan  leafy, green tropical plants), which according to herbal medical practitioners, are ‘adaptogen’, and can help our bodies deal with stress.

Both choices are strong additions to a smart AM routine; yet Miller’s skills don’t end there. She’s also buddied up with Shepard Fairy’s  design agency, Studio Number One, and Astrid Stavro, designer of Breakfast: The Cookbook and Great Women Artists, to bring her characters to life.  


Emily Elyse Miller
Emily Elyse Miller

Dash and Zombie are, Miller says, the first female cereal-box characters (barring one-off entertainment tie-ins, such as Disney’s Princess cereals), and she sees her new progeny as an important step-forward. 

“Cereal is a vehicle for culture so it was important to use that opportunity to create a crew of counterculture characters that face and destigmatize human cycles of emotions, from anxiety to depression,” she told Vogue. “These emotions make Dash and Zombie extremely real to me, and I hope they'll be a comfort and voice for many.” 


Breakfast: The Cookbook
Breakfast: The Cookbook

For hundreds of other ways to start the day, order a copy of Breakfast: The Cookbook here. It contains a wealth of home-cooking recipes from around the world.