Colman Andrews and famous friend

Colman Andrews reads from The Taste of America This week: Pimento Cheese

It's the paté de fois gras, hummus and blue cheese dip of the American South - listen to Colman tell the story

This week our The Taste of America author Colman Andrews turns his attention to cheese. As you'd expect, there are a number of great entries on our favourite coagulated milk protein in The Taste Of America - we asked Colman to pick one and Pimento Cheese is the entry he chose for today's reading. 

The best Pimento Cheese, according to Colman, comes from Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee. As Colman, the winner of eight James Beard journalism and book awards tells the story, the property supposdedly got its name when Florida Laiser - passing through Tennessee with her husband, David in 1930, stopped on the site and snagged her stockings on the thorns of a blackberry bush. Want to know more? Then click the play button on the Soundcloud file below. 


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The Taste Of America
The Taste Of America