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Colman Andrews reads from The Taste of America This week: Sparkling Cider

In the latest reading from his wonderful new book The Taste of America, celebrated food writer Colman Andrews spins a fascinating story about one of our favourite fizzy drinks

It's time for another of our readings from The Taste of America by its author, the acclaimed food writer Colman Andrews. Today Colman is talking about sparkling cider which is different in Europe to the version Americans know and love.  

As Colman points out, in Europe, cider sparkles because it is fermented; the interaction of sugars in the apple juice with yeast produces alcohol and carbon dioxide, the latter of which animates the apple juce with bubbles. (The same thing happens with Champagne.) In America, where cider is mostly non-alcoholic, sparkling cider is made by artificially carbonating the juice, no alcohol involved.

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Sparkling Cider from The Taste of America - illustration Joel Penkman
Sparkling Cider from The Taste of America - illustration Joel Penkman