Cowpeas from The Taste of America - illustration by Joel Penckman

Colman Andrews reads from The Taste of America This week: Cowpeas

Our critically acclaimed and mellifluously-voiced author returns with another enthralling story from his new book

Today we continue our series of readings from The Taste of America by its author, the acclaimed food writer Colman Andrews with an extract entitled Cowpeas. 

As Colman tells us, cowpeas are most probably African in origin, though as a drought-tolerant, warm-weather, crop they are grown today not just in Africa and the Southern United States but in many parts of Asia, Mediterranean Europe and Central and South America too. According to Colman they were almost certainly introduced to the US by slaves imported from Africa, and there are records of the cultivation in Jamaica as early as 1675 and in Florida by 1700. 

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The Taste of America - Colman Andrews
The Taste of America - Colman Andrews