Putnam & Putnam's decorative mantel in this month's issue of Martha Stewart Living. Image courtesy of Putnam & Putnam's Instagram

Putnam & Putnam create an autumn display for Martha Stewart

New York City's greatest floral designers prove there's more to flowers than simple summer blooms

Flowers aren’t just for summer you know. New York floral designers Putnam & Putnam create exquisite displays at all times of year, and their new book, Flower Colour Guide, details all manner of decorative plans, from acacias to zinnias. The new book arranges these plants in colour order, but also lists them according to their use (e.g. a ‘face’ flower such as dahlias that can carry a whole display, or a ‘filler’ such as carnations, that help build a base), and season.


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And, while summer is great for many seasonal blooms, there are plenty of beautiful fall plants listed in the book. As if to make this point, Putnam & Putnam have just created this beautiful, autumnal mantelpiece display for Martha Stewart Living. We love how they’ve filled those gourds.




And if you fancy trying your hand at a seasonal display take a look at this video, in which Darroch and Michael Putnam prepare arrangements for Thanksgiving (it'll be here before you know it!). 

Flower Colour Guide
Flower Colour Guide

You can find out more, and look at great, seasonal blooms for all four seasons by buying a copy of Darroch and Michael’s Flower Colour Guide here.