Michael Putnam (centre) and friends. Image courtesy of Putnam & Putnam's Instagram

Michael Putnam makes a GREAT Frida Kahlo!

The co-founder of New York’s greatest floral design studio is pretty hot when it comes to fancy dress too

Still thinking about your Halloween outfit? Putnam & Putnam, New York’s best floral designers, may have a suggestion for you. Not only are Darroch and Michael Putnam the go-to people for fashion shows, society weddings and other cool events, the couple are pretty good when it comes to dressing themselves up too.

They just posted this image of Michael dressed as fellow artist and flower lover, the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Excellent choice, Mr Putnam, and additional points for getting friends to dress up as bunches of flowers as well. 


Flower Color Guide
Flower Color Guide

For more on Kahlo’s role in the Mexican Renaissance, read this; for more on Putnam & Putnam’s approach to flowers, get their Flower Color Guide or Flower Colour Guide (for UK readers).