William Hall and the new published Brick mini format

One book, 20,000 words and millions of bricks

Watch these videos with William Hall explaining how Brick is even better in its new, mini format

Our Brick mini book is already shaping up to be one of the little big hits of the new for '19 season. So to celebrate its launch we made a handful of videos with author William Hall highlighting the things he especially likes about the new format. 

It was interesting thta he pointed out that although it's regarded as a picture book, Brick mini actually contains over 20,000 words. And, as he points out, will give any reader a through grounding in what he calls the 'isms' of architecture. Good point William.

Watch the videos and head into the store to make sure you get a copy of this perfectly designed and put togther new book about the oldest building material on earth.




Check out Brick mini in the store now. And while you're there, take a look at William's other great books, Concrete and Wood.  

Brick mini format
Brick mini format