WrinklesJR and Julie Pugeat

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A lyrical, poignant ode to wrinkles and the stories they tell, by the world renowned photographer and public artist JR

This first-ever picture book by internationally acclaimed artist-photographer JR allows young readers to consider the lives and stories of the older people around them. Memories, experiences, and emotions are touched on in a welcoming way, creating the perfect conversation-starter between children and their elders. Evocative black-and-white photographs of faces and simple, poignant read-aloud text consider the literal and lyrical meaning of wrinkles, leaving readers of all ages with a well-justified appreciation of aging and natural beauty.

Ages 2-5


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 215 × 215 mm (8 1/2 × 8 1/2 in)
  • Pages: 40 pp
  • Illustrations: 40 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781838660161

JR is the enigmatic Parisian photographer/street artist/activist behind some of the world's most provocative large-scale public photography projects. JR first garnered international attention at age 27 when he won the TED Prize for his Inside Out Project, which has drawn nearly 200,000 participants internationally. His black-and-white portraits - pasted on buildings, streets, trains, and monuments - allow locals to have ownership of their surroundings.

Writer Julie Pugeat, is JR's Studio Director and a mother of 2 inquisitive children. After writing her first book for teenagers, she is excited to collaborate with JR on a picture book for young children who are of a similar age to her own. Julie is passionate about life, nature, family, and education. She is based in Annecy, France.

"One of my favorite books of the year... I can't think of a children's book exactly like this and I really truly love it."—Meghan Dietsche Goel, Publishers Weekly Online

"Simple and profound, I can't think of a children's book exactly like this and I really truly love it."—Book People

"Here's a post to highlight a book it makes me happy to see on shelves, especially given the often disparaging cultural conversations around women (in particular) and aging. How powerful to expose children to aging, wrinkled faces and gently suggest the idea that wrinkles are welcome and not something to be erased, because wrinkles are the products of a long life."—Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

"A glorious invitation to step away from our absorption with youth and beauty and screens to realize how many stories and how much excitement and drama and laughter can be read in the lines of the faces that surround us."—Unpacking the Power of Picture Books

"Great fun."—Kiss the Book Jr.

"A photographic picture book just bursting with humanity, JR's Wrinkles is a delightfully unique and visually stunning celebration of a full life lived... Aa unique and meaningful reading choice. utterly fascinating. This will be enjoyed by many readers, young and old(er) alike!"—Five Minutes for Mom

"This jubilant celebration of aging builds an artful bridge between young and old... Striking... Sure to start important conversations."—Publishers Weekly Online

"...A tender study of wrinkles... JR captures a splendid array of faces with his lens that expressively show looks of joy, silliness, and solemnity, among other expressions."—Booklist

"There is no denying that JR's photography is sublime. Every crack, crevice, and cranny on these faces is writ large. Pretty cool."—A Fuse Eight Production/SLJ