Sherrie Hunt: Poetry of Petals #4 (2012)

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Photograph: Photograph made with archival pigments on fine art rag paper
Size: 660 x 660 mm (26.00 x 26.00 in)
Edition of 50
This work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist

"Nature is my inspiration and center to my sense of well-being," says photographer Sherrie Hunt. "Colors known and unknown, fresh spring colors, the colors of decay in the wilting flower, velvet soft leaves and petals, shapes, intricate patterns of nature's lace, thorny leaves, the sleek beauty of a blade of grass, the vast sky above, mountain peaks and hovering clouds, the place where the ocean ends and the heavens begin and endless moments of beauty."

Working across a variety of media, from photography to painting to collage, Sherrie Hunt constructs images that reflect the gentle beauty and ephemerality of our physical world. Her works are marked by an exploration of the changing moods and lights of nature. In Hunt's Raindrop series, fragments of the artist's photographs coalesce into collages featuring falling rain on leaves, grass, and water. A veteran commercial photographer, Hunt has also seen her work exhibited in public and private institutions, including the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Alexandria Museum of Art in Louisiana.