Lettuce Wrap with Dried Oysters from China The Cookbook

4 Dishes for a Healthier, Happier and Wealthier Chinese New Year #2 Lettuce Wrap with Oysters

Discover why, thanks to Chinese wordplay, a delicious dish like this could also boost your professional life in 2017

Seafood and puns go together, as anyone who has ever come across British fish and chip shops with names like The Cod Father or The Rock and Sole Plaice, will surely know.

And, as the Chinese New Year approaches, it’s good to learn that this wordplay apparently extends to the Far East, what’s more, it is good for business.

“Chinese love to play on the sound of the words, and the sound of the word ‘oyster’ is similar to the term good business,” explains Kei Lum Chan co-author of China: The Cookbook with his wife and Diora Fong Chan. “So an oyster dish is a popular way to start the New Year. Restaurants often serve oyster dishes like Deep Fried Oysters or Oysters with Black Moss during the New Year period, but for the home cook, Lettuce Wrap with Dried Oysters is a good choice.”

This Hong Kong dish serves four, takes ten minutes to prep, a further ten minutes to cook, and is great for sharing. You can download the full recipe here, and for many more recipes for a healthier, wealthier and happier 2017 you can order a copy of China: The Cookbook here.

China The Cookbook
China The Cookbook