Stir-fried Shanghai noodles, as featured in China: The Cookbook

4 Dishes for a Healthier, Happier and Wealthier Chinese New Year #3 Stir-fried Shanghai Noodles

Could these long noodles lead to a long life as folklore suggests? Our China The Cookbook co-author thinks so!

Still undecided what to cook this Chinese New Year? Rather than consulting today’s modern diet blogs, why not turn back to Chinese folklore for inspiration. Because, according to Kei Lum Chan, co-author of our new book China: The Cookbook, long noodles lead to a long life.

“In the Chinese legend of creation, one animal was made on each day,” Kei Lum Chan explains. “First came the chicken, then the dog, the pig, the sheep, the cow and the horse in that order. On the seventh day, man was made, and this became the birthday of all man. Noodles, because of their length and stringiness, signifiy longevity, and are often served on this day to celebrate the birth of all mankind.”


China: The Cookbook
China: The Cookbook

You can download the full recipe here, and for many more recipes for a healthier, wealthier and happier 2017 you can order a copy of China: The Cookbook here.