Putnam & Putnam's recent wedding production in the Hamptons. Image courtesy of their Instagram

How to do a wedding Putnam & Putnam style

The only thing that’s monochrome is the dynamic duo's workwear, as you can tell from these stunning displays

Putnam & Putnam are here to help. The acclaimed NYC floral designers’ Flower Colour Guide was written in part to aid clients, who have a certain vision in mind, but can’t quite articulate it.

“Almost every time we meet with new clients—very often brides planning their weddings—the first thing they say to us is, 'I don’t know any of the names of flowers but I do know what I love,'” write Michael and Darroch Putnam in our new book. “Usually it’s peonies and garden roses. Or they say, 'I love pink flowers,' or another color, 'but I don’t know what types they are.'” So our new book with them is an absolute gift for brides-to-be, listing as it does the best flowers in colour order.


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However, while it certainly helps the dedicated DIY-er, nothing quite beats Putnam & Putnam doing your wedding themselves. Take for instance the wedding ceremony they oversaw in the Hamptons recently for the event planner Stefanie Cove. Not only did Michael Darroch wear some rather fetching work clothes (“on wedding days we wear black” they write, but also they produce beautifully loose, yet, at the same time intensely coordinated arrangements and table displays, featuring tulips, roses, summer fruits, and a bunch of other blooms we’d really have to dig into the new book to identify. Scroll through to see it all.  



It’s the Northern Renaissance meets the East End of Long Island. Great job guys. If you’d like to try your hand at such floral majesty, order a copy of Putnam & Putnam’s Flower Colour Guide (or Flower Color Guide, if you prefer American English) here


Flower Colour Guide
Flower Colour Guide