Michael and Darroch Putnam

Who are Putnam & Putnam giving their book to this Christmas?

The New York floral designers tell us their personal highs and lows of 2018 and who’ll be getting a great gift

It’s been quite a year for Michael and Darroch Putnam, the happy couple behind New York’s greatest floral design firm, Putnam & Putnam. Back in the Spring they collaborated with Grace Coddington and Steven Klein to produce a stunning shoot for American Vogue; over the summer they hosted flower design workshops across the globe; and towards the end of September they oversaw the floral arrangements for Gwyneth Paltrow’s wedding.

Michael and Darroch also found time to create their Flower Color Guide, an indispensable overview of choice flowers, arranged in color order, according to each bloom’s pigment, from the whitest to the darkest.

It must be hard to pick out a high point; as well as a single, worthy recipient of this beautiful, useful 2018 book. So, read on to discover what they like and disliked about this year, and who they plan to give their great new book to this Christmas.


A spread from Putnam & Putnam's Flower Color Guide
A spread from Putnam & Putnam's Flower Color Guide

What inspired you most this year? Travel! We have been around the globe teaching and exploring. Nothing gives us more inspiration than new places.  

What annoyed you most? US Politics. Enough said.  

What was your personal highlight? Our 14-page editorial in the April edition of American Vogue. We created flower fields and surreal sets. Incredible! 

What can we expect from you in 2019? More adventures, bigger and grander florals of course!

Who will you give your Phaidon book to for Xmas? Everyone gets a copy! It is our true pride and joy, we are beyond happy to share it with all our friends and family. 


Putnam & Putnam's Flower Color Guide
Putnam & Putnam's Flower Color Guide

Want to share the floral joy too? Then order a copy of Putnam & Putnam’s Flower Color Guide  here. It’s also available as The Flower Colour Guide