Portrait of the artist Xylor Jane (right) and her work '13,831' (2007), Oil on panel, 31 x 37 in (left)

Inside the mind of Xylor Jane

Exploring the creative processes of artists featured in Vitamin P2

Today we bring you a shorter than usual Inside The Mind Of interview. This is mainly because Californian artist Xylor Jane relates more to the language of numbers than words. She finds resonance in prime numbers, perfect numbers and the Fibonacci sequence (which can be used for such diverse tasks as describing the fractal forms of ferns and analysing the financial markets.) She's fascinated by the impact of numbers on her life and work. Even the dimensions of her panels are often prime or twin prime numbers. In her work she locates subtle patterns in the midst of swarms of digits. She has also had a series of Xs tattooed on her fingers. These correspond to the word five, transliterated using gematria (a system of assigning numbers to letters based on their position in the alphabet) placed in three-by-three grids.

Who are you?

A double seven.

What’s on your mind right now?

Eleven digit prime palindromes.

How do you get this stuff out?

Listen to vinyl LP's and make lots of sketches.

Xylor Jane <em>Via Crucis VIII (D.O.J.) (2009), Oil on panel, 33 x 39 in Xylor Jane Via Crucis VIII (D.O.J.) (2009), Oil on panel, 33 x 39 in

How Does it fit together?


What brought you to this point?

My colour wheel starts with Yellow.

Can you control it?


What’s next?


Portrait of the artist Xylor Jane Portrait of the artist Xylor Jane

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