Eataly: Contemporary Italian CookingEataly

The best modern Italian recipes from the largest and most prestigious Italian marketplace in the world

This beautiful cookbook, created in collaboration with Eataly, one of the greatest Italian food brands, features 300 landmark recipes highlighting the best of contemporary Italian home cooking. Excellent, fail-safe recipes and new ideas are presented in a sophisticated package, making this a must-have book for everyone wanting to learn about how Italians cook today.

Gone are heavy pasta dishes and over-rich sauces – Eataly takes a modern approach to Italian cooking and eating. With recipes that are fresh and delicious, clear instructions, helpful tips, and a visual produce guide, this book will allow you to eat like Italians do today.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 270 × 180 mm (10 5/8 × 7 1/8 in)
  • Pages: 568 pp
  • Illustrations: 300 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714872797

Eataly is the largest exclusive Italian marketplace in the world, with high-quality restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery, retail items, and a cooking school. Eataly also collaborates with Slow Food and has an enormous international presence.

As featured in am New York, AmEx Centurion Magazine, Italia!, La Repubblica, The New York Times Book Review, The Times Literary Supplement, Travel + Leisure, Vanity Fair, and on Bloomberg, Eater, Gear Patrol, Goop, The Kitchn, and Tasting Table

"Not merely another handsome book about Italian cookery, Eataly: Contemporary Italian cooking is only the most recent offering of a food revolution... Eataly is a bible, a guide for modern life, lived without undue waste of time, concentrating on the freshness and background of every ingredient... The recipes concentrate on freshness and simplicity, with some imaginative combinations of flavours... Most useful, perhaps, is the handsome and beautifully illustrated glossary... There are invaluable and informative lists of different varieties of rice, cereals, cheeses and dried beans. Eataly is a celebration of such ingredients, and of an intelligent understanding of the importance of taking food seriously and with discrimination - both valuable messages in an age of haste and expediency." —TLS (Times Literary Supplement)

"Fresh Italian twists." —Vanity Fair

"Eataly is the latest in Phaidon's famously elegant line of cookbooks, but we're loving it for more than its simple aesthetic and inviting textured cover... [The visual glossary] is arguably the most useful 40 pages ever published in a cookbook." —Tasting Table

"If Eataly is the church of Italian cooking, consider this is its holy book... [T]he photos are all frame-worthy, so even if your pal's stove is mostly used for storage, they'll appreciate the coffee table food porn." —Travel + Leisure Online

"The classics of Italian food are rooted in the traditions of eating well [..] and here comes the latest offering to inspire our cooking and add to our bookshelves. Just by its heft, you know this substantial volume means business... A more modern take on Italian cooking, reflecting a contemporary approach to eating, with less-rich sauces and speedier culinary techniques... The recipes are packed with the authentic flavours of Italy, but with a lighter, fresher touch... Beautifully photographed and easy to follow." —Italia!

"Eataly makes fresh, healthy easy with incredible instruction, amazing tips, and a visual guide that makes even grocery shopping easier and more fun." —GOOP

"Give the cook in your life this Italian cooking tome, complete with hundreds of the mega store's recipes" —Tasting Table

"Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking showcases modern Italian food - still steeped in tradition, but lighter, fresher, and quick and easy to prepare." —The Australian Women's Weekly

"Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking is a rare thing: a book I'd recommend heartily to someone who owns a few food books and cares little for the silly, cherry culture but wants to cook well at home with an Italian accent. And a book most avid food book consumers will want to own, too, for the freshness of its food ideas and the guarantee of recipe reliability that comes from a publisher such as Phaidon." —The Australian

"Because the winter months are all about embracing the carbs, this delectable Italian cookbook is perfect!" —Grazia onlne

"We eat a lot of a chicken. We drink a lot of lager. But never before have we put the two together to create the crazy Italian deliciousness that is Chicken With Lager, a recipe taken from Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking." —Emerald Street

"This publisher (Phaidon) rules the art book market, so it's no surprise that its cookbooks are just as lavishly produced. This one is a fat (567 pages!), enticing volume with many beautiful photographs and a clean, simple layout." —The Kitchn

"Most of the book's elegantly restrained pages are devoted to dishes that are both classic and fashionable... This monumental book (over 550 pages) is an exemplary guide to modern Italian cooking, rooted in tradition but lighter and more elegant in execution." —Bread&

"...This book is somewhat mega in size and scope." —Cuisine

"This epic guide to Italy's many regional dishes, is a true capture of the nature and breadth of authentic Italian cookery with a modern focus... And recipes like the saffron tagliolini and the chocolate yoghurt mousse are the kind that seduce you, hook you and keep you coming back to this 500-plus-page tome for more." —Khoollect

"Fans of Italian food will adore Eataly... It boasts no fewer than 250 recipes, and absolutely everything is covered... The chapter on savoury tarts and pies is particularly good. There are lots of recipes you won't have come across." —Choice

"Excellent book... Comprehensive and detailed... Imaginative recipes, lovely pictures and good explanations. It's a huge book (which is one of the things I love about it!) for a small amount of money, it's very well put together and a must if interested in the dishes Italians cook today." —PassionForFood