Hug This Book!Barney Saltzberg, illustrated by Fred Benaglia

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An energetic, heartfelt, and humorous ode to book love - now in a board book format!

You can spin and twirl and dance with this book.

You can listen while someone else reads it.

You can take your book to lunch.

Just do not try to feed it.

Celebrate reading with the youngest book lovers in this huggable board book reformat of the beloved hardcover picture book.

Ages 1-4


  • Format: Board Book
  • Size: 204 × 181 mm (8 × 7 1/8 in)
  • Pages: 30 pp
  • Illustrations: 30 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714877747

Barney Saltzberg is an author, illustrator, and singer/songwriter who has published over 50 children's books, including the bestseller Beautiful Oops!. Saltzberg lives in Los Angeles with his family.

Fred Benaglia has lived and worked in Paris for over 20 years, currently as artistic director for Bayard Press children's magazines. He has published numerous picture books and illustrated chapter books in French, and a couple in English as well!

"Really lovely to read aloud, this comes with echoes of Dr. Seuss."—Bookseller

"Saltzberg's tribute to the lovability of a favorite book bounces in perfect rhythm. Benaglia's pen on paper, digitally colored illustrations tell their own whimsical story in delightful and unpredictable ways."—School Library Journal

"The new board book version is a clear winner, inviting touch and placing the youngest readers right in the middle of the action... Stimulated from awareness to empathic interest, my kids were enraptured, aware the book was talking about itself, directly to them…the bright palette charmed us all."—The New York Times

"Kids will definitely want to "Hug This Book!" They will also want to sing the words, take it in the bath, read it in the mirror and wrap it up in a sweater when it is cold... Will inspire giggles and playful interaction."—Exchange Magazine