Contemporary Gardens of the Hamptons: LaGuardia Design Group 1990-2020Christopher LaGuardia, with an introduction by Alastair Gordon

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The first monograph to present the work of LaGuardia Design Group, a highly regarded landscape architecture firm specializing in contemporary residential design in the Hamptons

With offices in Water Mill, LaGuardia Design Group is immersed in the fragile landscape of the Hamptons, both its woods and meadows and the dramatic shoreline along the Atlantic. Notable projects include the rebuilding of the dunescape surrounding a landmark Norman Jaffe house damaged by storms, collaborations with well-known contemporary architects, iand the setting for a distinguished collection of contemporary sculpture in Bridgehampton.

Founded in 1994 by Christopher LaGuardia, this firm is committed to expressing the character of each site and recognized for its environmental stewardship, historic references, and meticulously designed outdoor spaces. Rather than attempting to mimic nature, LDG's goal with every design is to interpret natural processes as an artistic expression in their work. In 2013, LDG received the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) award of excellence in residential design, the highest residential award in the profession.


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Christopher LaGuardia is the managing principal and founder of the LaGuardia Design Group, located in Water Mill, New York. A fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, he serves on the boards of the Cultural Landscape Foundation in Washington, D.C., and the Lake George Land Conservancy in Bolton Landing, New York. He has lectured widely on the importance of the profession as it relates to climate change at Cornell and Rutgers Universities, The Museum of Modern Art, The Parrish Art Museum and the ASLA National Convention.

Architectural and cultural historian and critic, Alastair Gordon is a contributing editor for design and architecture at WSJ,the magazine of the Wall Street Journal and author of the blog "Alastair Gordon: Wall to Wall." Among his many books are Romantic Modernist, a monograph on the Hamptons architect Norman Jaffe, Naked Airport, and Weekend Utopia.