Gift the Book - and the Look! #2

If they’ll like A Hard Day’s Night they’ll love this Magnum contact sheet of the Fab Four at Abbey Road too

Here’s some failsafe Christmas gifting for the Beatles fan in your life. You may have already read about our great new book The Beatles A Hard Day's Night A Private Archive which gathers together and meticulously presents the huge privately owned archive of photographs and ephemera associated with the band's 1964 film, A Hard Day’s Night. 

For this second Buy the Book Get the Look feature it struck us that that you might like to gift the book alongside a very cool photographic contact print of the fab four poring over the Hard Day’s Night film script at Abbey Road studios. Taken by the British Magnum photographer David Hurn it’s an archival pigment print contact sheet containing a couple of the most memorable images ever captured of the band.


The Beatles A Hard Day's Night A Private Archive
The Beatles A Hard Day's Night A Private Archive

Reproducing the originals without alteration and enlarged to a 16" x 20" paper size, these Magnum Contacts offer a unique insight into the methods by which the agency's photographers produced some of their best-known images. The contact sheets clearly show the sequence of frames and the marks of the editing process on each sheet, capturing a piece of history.

The print comes with artist copyright stamp on verso and Magnum blind stamp on recto. You can buy it at Artspace here.  Couple it with our Beatles book and a monthly Spotify subscription for three gifts in one and a guaranteed fab festive season. So don’t just gift our books, gift the world within them!

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