Jean Touitou founder and Creative Director of A.P.C.

Here's Jean Touitou 'trying so hard not to be negative'

The outspoken APC founder was in London last week and he just couldn’t let it go – from instagram influencers to booking agencies, fashion parties ('an abyss of sadness!') to Jane Birkin referencing CVs...

“I’m trying so hard not to be negative,” said APC boss Jean Tatou during a funny, snarky interview with The Telegraph this week. The straight talking A.P.C. founder, who compares his work to that of George and Ringo in The Beatles - “keeping the rhythm going to accommodate the fancy stuff” - railed against young designers sending him their CVs "who all reference the Royal Tenenbaums and Jane Birkin", Dad trainers - "the new It bag ... the new gold mine,” and good ideas  - "a mix of many things but if no one can buy it really, it’s not a good idea in the end!” Here are Jean's top 5 attempts not to be negative.


1 Booking Agencies

Seeing my people dealing with the booking agency is torturous. Everyone calls everyone else ‘darling’. I mean, don’t ‘darling’ me.”

2 Instagram

"Instagram? There is nothing trendy there. The only things which influencers influence is mediocrity. Nobody influences me on Instagram."

3 Fashion events

"Nightclubs and parties are an abyss of sadness, whenever I go to those fashion events I feel sad, they’re so superficial, everyone’s watching everyone else, no one dares to dance because you are worried about who is watching you.”

4 Minimalism

“When you are a minimalist, nobody comes to you and says ‘what a great coat’. That coat tells no story except that it is a great coat."

5 Trends

"Even if I did want to pay attention to trends, where would I go? I’m not being ironic, but where?” 

We love you Jean, really we do. And thankfully there are lots of positive reasons to buy A.P.C. Transmission here.


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