Our Phaidon tote spotted at Rio. Image courtesy of Nessia Pope

How we made it to the Olympic opening ceremony

Did anyone else spot our colour-coordinated presence in the stands at Rio's Maracanã Stadium last Friday?

We always thought our new tote bags, designed by Phaidon's Creative Director Julia Hasting, were fit for any occasion, from exhibition openings to grocery shopping trips. Yet the bag’s colour is also fairly good match for the yellow in the second of the five Olympic rings, and the golden rhombus on the Brazilian flag – a pigment that is also prominent in the 2016 Olympiad’s logo. Perhaps that’s why someone brought one along to the 2016 Rio opening ceremony.

The Brazilian curator and friend of Phaidon Nessia Pope was fortunate enough to attend the event at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro towards the end of last week, and forwarded us this snap from the stands.

Nice to see our presence in this summer’s great event. For more on contemporary Brazilian culture, from fashion to street food, art to film to design, order a copy of our Brazil book here; and if you're visiting Rio don't forget your Wallpaper* City Guide.