Bread and a DogNatsuko Kuwahara

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A quirky, photographic exploration of two beloved subjects: breakfasts and dogs.

Curiosity. Longing. Hunger. Bread and a Dog is a quirky photographic journey into the psychic trauma of living with a professional food stylist... as a dog. Japanese food stylist Kuwahar Natsuko photographs her breakfast, laid out every morning, in beautifully arranged aerial tableaus with an unexpected twist, her omnipresent, exceptionally well-trained dog. Through 100 photographs, readers will delight not only in Natsuko's delicious meals served on beautiful dishes, glassware and flatware, but in the dog's enthrallment with what is happening on the table above him.

Presented as a sequence of photographs, the book concludes with recipes for each breakfast, and tips and tricks on food photography from Natsuko herself.

A perfect gift for animal lovers.

– Recipes and tips for successful and stylish breakfasts from the author, a professional food stylist.
– 100 charming photographs of an adorable dog taken from a refreshing and relatable point of view. Perfect gift or impulse buy for animal or food lovers.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Size: 148 × 192 mm (5 7/8 × 7 1/2 in)
  • Pages: 112 pp
  • Illustrations: 100 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714870489

Natsuko Kuwahara is a Japanese food stylist. She started her career as a cook in a bakery kitchen. She turned freelance as a food stylist in 2004. Her recipes and her natural table styling has become popular in magazines, and now she is active in magazines, books and advertisements.

"Colorful, elegant, simple and enticing."
Chicago Tribune

"Delightfully quirky... Prepare for adorableness ahead."
Bon Appétit

"Adorable... The perfect book for dog-loving foodies."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"A weird and wonderful marriage of recipes, cute pets and food porn." —The Times

"Pets plus food plus the internet is an unfailingly successful trifecta, but with Kuwahara’s uniquely Japanese combo of sparseness and whimsy this is something special."—The Guardian Cook

"Kuwahara's austere but charming food photos capture the small pleasures of making breakfast at home."—Bon Appetit

"Is this the best food gift of the year?... An equally great gift for Nipponophiles, foodies and animal-lovers, but dog’s best friends, in particular, are going to flip."—SBS Food

"It’s pets and food, which always works, couched in that uniquely Japanese combo of sparseness and whimsy that means you just can’t stop leafing through."—AJ Architect’s Journal

"A charming little diary of sorts."—The New York Times

[An] image-rich treasure."—The Bark