How to Collect ArtMagnus Resch, with an introduction by Pamela J. Joyner

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You must read this book before buying any artwork – written by the world’s leading art-market economist

Navigating the world of collecting can be a tricky process, especially for one just starting out in the art market. The world’s leading art market expert Magnus Resch explains the core principles of the art market and reveals the secrets of how to build and grow an art collection.

He answers questions such as: 
• What art should I invest in? 
• Where do I start? 
• Which gallery should I visit? 
• How do I get VIP tickets for Art Basel? 
• Where's the best place to sell my art?
• Is this price fair? 

This book is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in collecting art, novice or expert. Readers will learn: 
• How the art market really works; 
• How to navigate the art world;
• How to start and develop a sustainable collection strategy, for every budget. 

Featured alongside Magnus’s advice for collecting are quotes and case studies from esteemed art world professionals, including mega collectors Shelley and Philip Aarons, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Jorge M. Pérez, Howard E. Rachofsky, and Komal Shah; museum directors Adam Weinberg and Heidi Zuckerman; art fair founder Touria El Glaoui; mega art dealers Marc Glimcher, Adam Lindemann, Jeffrey Deitch, and Simon de Pury; leading art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist; superstar art advisor Amy Cappellazzo; and artist Julian Schnabel. The book also features a foreword written by leading art collector Pamela Joyner.

No-nonsense, clear prose makes this the perfect primer for anyone who is interested in collecting art. This book is for: 
• Art lovers who want to buy their first pieces; 
• Collectors who want to understand more about investing in art; 
• Advisors and gallerists who want to refresh their knowledge. 

This book, with words of advice from the most accomplished experts in the field, is like carrying an art advisor in your pocket.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Size: 210 × 146 mm (8 1/4 × 5 3/4 in)
  • Pages: 232 pp
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  • ISBN: 9781838666255

Magnus Resch is the world’s leading art-market economist, serial entrepreneur, and best-selling book author. He teaches art management at Yale University, previously at Columbia University. In 2016, he launched the Magnus app, which works like Shazam for art. Magnus holds a PhD in economics and has written several bestsellers on the art market. His career has been portrayed in a Harvard Business School case study and in various articles.

Pamela J. Joyner is an American businesswoman and art collector, and has been called an ‘activist collector’ by ArtReview for her focus on African-American art from the 1940s onwards.