Magnus Resch - photograph courtesy Magnus Resch

Want to start buying art? Then you really need this book

Magnus Resch has sought the advice of collectors, gallery owners, critics, and curators for his new book How to Collect Art

If you’ve ever thought you’re at that point in your life where you’d like to start buying art you’ve probably been confused or put off by who you should buy, which galleries you should visit, whether the piece you’ve fallen in love with is actually a good investment, and usually the biggest question of all, am I paying too much for this?

There are many factors to consider when collecting art, from aesthetic decisions to financial considerations, and it isn’t always clear how to start out on a collecting journey. How to Collect Art steps in to provide guidance for those stepping into this mysterious world – whatever their budget.

Magnus Resch, the world’s leading art-market economist and best-selling Phaidon author of Management of Art Galleries and How to Become a Successful Artist has written the definitive guide to collecting art in the twenty-first century.


So, if you want words of wisdom from some of the most prominent art collectors in the world, written in clear and concise language that assumes no previous art world knowledge this is the book for you. Relevant for those new to the art market and seasoned collectors alike, How to Collect Art addresses key topics, including working with galleries and art advisors, attending art fairs and auctions, and purchasing NFTs.

An art-world insider, Resch has consulted with some of the most experienced experts in the field. Andy Warhol collector David Mugrabi, art advisor Amy Cappellazzo, gallerist Jeffrey Deitch, the CEO of Christie’s, Guillaume Cerutti, Simon de Pury, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Marc Glimcher are among the many others who sprinkle advice throughout the book. Prominent art collector Pamela Joyner, meanwhile, writes about collecting with a mission to promote artists of colour, in the introduction to the book.


The book also features case studies of prominent artists, collectors, and activists, whose stories illustrate the many ways in which one can interact with the art world.

How to Collect Art uses a data-driven approach to demystify the art market and serves as an essential resource for anyone interested in purchasing art - or selling it. With the inner workings of the art world laid out in an accessible manner at an accessible price, it’s like having an affordable art advisor with you at all times. Buy it here.