Émigrés: The Transformation of Art Publishing in BritainAnna Nyburg

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Examines the impact on the British illustrated publishing industry of émigrés from Germany and Austria in the first half of the twentieth century, looking in particular at the art publishing houses of Phaidon Press and Thames & Hudson.

  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 234 × 150 mm (9 1/4 × 5 7/8 in)
  • Pages: 288 pp
  • Illustrations: 50 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714867021

Anna Nyburg wrote her PhD thesis on German and Austrian refugee art publishers in Britain between the wars for the University of London. She is presently the Humanities Erasmus Coordinator, Centre for Co-curricular Studies, at Imperial College, London.

"Some of the most interesting insights are about cultural changes... Fascinating details. The most original parts of the book are the chapters on the unsung heroes of publishing: typographers, designers, printers and illustrators. [Nyburg] creates a picture of a whole visual culture. These extraordinarily cultured individuals didn't just affect art books. They made British culture, once notoriously parochial and wordy, more cosmopolitan and more visual."—Jewish Renaissance

"The enforced emigration of writers, artists and scholars and scientists from the Third Reich has been called Hitler's gift to Britain. Among the many ways in which it enriched British culture was the introduction of art history and, as Anna Nyburg's Émigrés informs us in often fascinating detail, art history... Nyburg's extensive reading and archival researches have enabled her to compile a valuable addition the exile studies and to the theme of cultural transfer."—TLS