Book of Bones: 10 Record-Breaking AnimalsGabrielle Balkan, with illustrations by Sam Brewster

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It's a book of world records... of bones! Guess whose bones are the longest, shortest, heaviest, spikiest, and more. With touchable skeletons!

Ten record-breaking animal bones are introduced through a series of superlatives set up as a guessing game with clues. Readers examine animals' skeletons and guess to whom they belong; the answers are revealed in vibrant, full-color scenic habitats, with easily understood — and humorous — explanations. This entertaining introduction to the connection between animal bones (anatomy) and behavior is playful, relatable, and includes touch-and-feel finishes that bring the bones to life!


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 315 × 254 mm (12 3/8 × 10 in)
  • Pages: 48 pp
  • Illustrations: 48 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714875118

Gabrielle Balkan is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, New York. Her books include the acclaimed atlas, The 50 States, a NCSS notable book, and its follow-up, 50 Cities. Gabrielle is a former book buyer, commissioning editor, and director of communications. Her work has been published by Harper Collins, Scholastic, and the Whitney Museum of Art.

Sam Brewster is an award-winning freelance illustrator, photographer, and filmmaker based in London. He has a roster of prestigious clients around the world, including The New York Times, Guardian, and Creative Review. This is his first children's book.

"[Gives] both casual browsers and budding naturalists plenty to gnaw on... A rib-tickling gallery."—Kirkus Reviews

"Both fascinating and informative. Different, intelligent and entertaining. Definitely worth buying."—Chopsy Baby

"A nonfiction standout... This fascination book will get kids jazzed about both bones and the cool animals."—Imagination Soup

"A stylish introduction to how specialized and different bones can be."—Publishers Weekly

"As you'd expect from Phaidon the illustrations are first class and they really caught my eye. It's record breakers of the animal kingdom from a bone perspective. I really like this approach as it is different from many of the other animal non-fiction books that we have and it brings in new facts and information for my little, fact-seeking sponge to soak up. One thing I liked about it is the question and answer approach... A good-looking hardback book... Would make a lovely gift."—Nine to Three Thirty

"The book is both engaging and informative with its superb illustrations and well written record breaking facts. Each page keeps you guessing which animal it could be with clever clues... There are sure to be a few surprises in there too."—Coombe Mill

"Captivatingly written as a guessing game, Book of Bones uses page turn reveals and touch-and-feel superimposed skeletons to bring bones to life." —Term Times

"Captivatingly written as a brilliant guessing game... Combining children's love of record-breaking date and animal trivia, Book of Bones is perfect for inquisitive minds and natural history lovers!"—Parent Talk

"Humorous and educational, stylish yet accurate... Takes a captivating, imaginative approach."—Early Years Childcare Magazine

"[A] great, new nonfiction picture book... What a kooky, fun book!"—Imagination Soup

"Fun while also being full of serious information too... While packed with information, this is certainly no dry text book. American author Gabrielle Balkan's narrative is engaging and witty... The information ]is] interesting and absorbing... With eye-catching screen print-inspired artwork by Sam Brewster, Book of Bones is perfect for those with inquisitive minds and a love of natural history. It's a clever and humorous way of introducing and exploring the connection between bones, anatomy and the wider natural world."—

"Striking... As the book was published by Phaidon, you know the illustrations will be appealing. Brewster's illustrations strike the perfect balance between simple and detailed."—Book Riot

"It's got good bones."—Fatherly

"A brilliant exploration that will fascinate young readers in guessing what the animal is from their distinctive skeleton and fun facts. It's all accompanied by striking illustrations of the animal and their environment... A great and accessible introduction to the world of anatomy and the wider natural world for inquisitive minds."—BooksTrust

"Curious readers will get a kick out of this fun guessing game that takes 10 members of the animal kingdom and re-introduces them from the inside out."—Meghan Dietsche Goel, Children's Book Buyer and Programming Director, BookPeople, Austin, TX

"This entertaining introduction to the connection between animal bones (anatomy) and behavior is playful, relatable, and includes touch-and-feel finishes that bring the bones to life!"—

"[An] oversize skeletal feast... Fun... An interesting approach to animal interiors for classroom teachers."—School Library Journal

"This is a splendid book... An excellent introduction to skeletal anatomy." —Montessori International