My Art Book of SleepShana Gozansky

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The second in an introductory series to fine art, curated for young children as never before: by theme

For children everywhere, sleep is part of their every day... and now, part of their first art collection! 35 full-page artworks from a variety of periods feature sleep in all its forms – from naptime to bedtime, dreaming to waking, sunsets to night skies – accompanied by a brief, tender, read-aloud text. Each work's title and artist's name are included as captions, for true integration of narrative and information. It's the perfect bedtime read for families – artsy or otherwise!

Ages 2-4


  • Format: Board Book
  • Size: 190 × 146 mm (7 1/2 × 5 3/4 in)
  • Pages: 48 pp
  • Illustrations: 34 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714878652

Shana Gozansky is a freelance theater director whose work has been produced from NYC to LA. She holds an MFA in Directing from the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Programs and is a graduate of Bard College. She is a Drama League Directing Fellow and her focus is on developing new plays. Shana is an avid museum-goer and art appreciator, a mother of a toddler, and a prolific social media humorist.

"A relatable framework through which to access broad-ranging works of art."—Publishers Weekly

"The follow up to My Art Book of Love, and it is just as wonderful. The My Art Book... series is my favourite board book series and this book met my high expectations. These two books would also be fantastic as presents."—Baby Librarians

"This exquisite board book will retain its visual value forever—certainly long after children have moved beyond the format. That said, the simple concepts in this book are conveyed with elgance, wonder, and joy that compliment the artwork perfectly. Stunning, poetic, and playful, this one is a delight for all ages."—Kirkus Reviews

"Bedtime stories are a staple for countless children, from epic adventures about kickass princesses to awkwardly improvised tales about talking veggies. Now little readers can also dip their toes into art history with this collection of sleep-related art. The cute cover art also makes My Art Book of Sleep a simple yet gorgeous addition to your bookshelf."—Bookriot

"An intelligent look at art for the youngest of children."—Waking Brain Cells blog

"Parents who hope to inculcate a love of fine art in their toddlers will appreciate My Art Book of Sleep."—Meghan Cox Gurdon, Wall Street Journal

"Sleep is part of every child's day…and this board book has 35 full-page artworks featuring sleep, accompanied by a brief, tender, read-aloud text."—Houston Family Magazine

"An intelligent look at art for the youngest of children."—Waking Brain Cells

"Shana Gozansky's board books stare head-on at naysayers arguing that fine art isn't for children... Gozansky's board books have the feel of a gift book from a museum exhibit; the cover is thick, textured, and gives the sense that there's a treasure inside... These books provide an introduction to famous works and what we can see in our own human experience through them."—Cosmic Bookshelf