Are You A Monkey?: A Tale of Animal CharadesMarine Rivoal

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A game of animal charades that will leave readers guessing and giggling

A crocodile sticks his head in the sand and asks his friends to guess which animal he is mimicking. A turn of the page reveals the answer: an ostrich! Next, the ostrich curls her long neck and shoots water from her mouth. Whom is she imitating? An elephant! Readers are a part of the game, wagering guesses before turning the page to find the often unexpected reveal. Painted in a stylish and saturated color palette of Pantones, this unusual book will engage children in considering animal behavior and characteristics. With an unexpectedly poignant ending, this informational yet artful storybook is unlike any before it.

Ages 3-5


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 228 × 228 mm (9 × 9 in)
  • Pages: 40 pp
  • Illustrations: 0 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714874173

Born in 1987, Marine Rivoal graduated from the École Estienne, and continued her studies at the Arts Décoratifs school in Strasbourg, where she deepened her knowledge of engraving and began to experiment with the different printing techniques she used for this book. Marine is based in Lyon, France. This is her second book, and her first with Phaidon.

"A fun, clever, kid-enticing way to learn facts about a group of jungle animals... Painting with a rich Pantone color palette, Rivoal captures the lushness of the jungle while providing a stimulating visual feast for readers. Are You a Monkey is a great choice for energetic story times at home or at school and could introduce interactive classroom lessons on animal traits and behavior." —Celebrate Picture Books

"This book has children guessing, giggling, and considering animal behavior and characteristics." —Learning

"A joy... This unusual book is stylish and engaging."—Absolutely Mama

"Printed in vivid shades of yellow, blue, and vermilion, Rivoal's blocky prints couldn't be more vibrant as the animals take turns posing as other creatures while three birds make guesses... Rivoal's page turns are especially well-handled, creating lovely visual parallels between the pretend and real animals... Along the way, readers pick up details about animal behavior, and Toucan's bad guesses add light laughs to a book that's equal parts handsome and fun."—Publishers Weekly Online

"Gorgeously illustrated book about a group of animal friends pretending to be each other in a game of charades - play along with them."—Bambino Goodies

"The title Are You A Monkey? is memorable, intriguing and matches the tone of the story... The screen-printed illustrations are bright and fun, creation a lively jungle setting and atmosphere... The structure of the book is ideal for keeping a child turning the pages... with added humour... This book would be great for acting out the characters at home or in the classroom and could spark of a wide range of investigative work on finding out more about the animals portrayed."—Armadillo Magazine online

"[R]eads like a fun guessing game, and children will giggle with excitement as they play along... A winner!"—School LIbrary Journal

"Entertaining... Will have your child in fits of giggles... The captivating illustrations by French author and illustrator Marine Rivoal feature rich and vibrant Pantone colours with a stylish screen-print design that brings out all the personalities of the animals so well. This book is ideal for imaginative play and allowing children to discover different ways to see animal shapes and behaviours. As well as the fun element, there is a lovely message throughout the charades that demonstrates the importance of empathy and kindness as the animals all play together."—

"Engaging... Ends with a poignant act of group inclusion."—Early Years Childcare Magazine