Rihanna photographed by Annie Leibovitz in Paris for Vogue, May 2022. Rihanna wears an Alaïa bodysuit, glove, and shoes. Chopard earrings. Fashion Editors: Alex Harrington and Jahleel Weaver.

Annie Leibovitz photographs Rihanna for Vogue

Leibovitz shot the pregnant star in Paris for the May edition of the magazine

When Annie Leibovitz photographed Rihanna for the November 2015 issue of Vanity Fair, the image encapsulated the star’s fiery appeal. As readers can learn from Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005-2016, the photographer travelled to the Caribbean, to shoot Rihanna at Bar la Rosa, on La Rosa Street in Havana, Cuba. Varying shades of red in that image hinted at the singer’s sexuality, while the 1956 Lincoln Continental – once owned by the Cuban president's wife Marta Fernández de Batista – confirmed Rihanna's status as a West Indies VIP and latter day First Lady of Pop.

Now Leibvovitz has taken on another shoot with the star, this time for the May 2022 edition of Vogue, and, once again, the photographer has captured the essence of the star’s current position with contemporary pop culture. The shoot took place at the Ritz in Paris, when Rihanna was in her third trimester, carrying the child of her boyfriend and fellow recording artist A$AP Rocky. Wearing an Alaïa bodysuit, glove, and shoes, and Chopard earrings, Rihanna strikes a commanding figure, showing how she occupies key positions within fashion and music while carrying off the role (as Vogue puts it in an accompanying video for the cover shoot) of ‘Mother Superior.’

Annie Leibovitz, Rihanna and baby makes three!


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